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My name is Will Maze, Artist and Graphic Designer. Born at a U.S. Military hospital in Germany, October 30th - 1983 to parents Ilse & Roger Kirk (US Army).



I grew up residing in overseas stations as well as bases in California. Having started to sketch and learning to draw when I was seven years old. My uncles from both parent’s were artists, though I took to my mother’s brother for artistic inspiration. He was a freelance artist and graphic designer for advertising agencies in Germany and Switzerland and has made a very established name for himself. When I was twelve (no later than thirteen) My uncle took it upon himself to mentor my artistic talents and teach me his tricks of the trade. It wasn’t fun, but hard work never is… 


One could describe the learning as a sort of artistic boot camp. From portrait work and action drawing to comic style animation and more. In addition to learning Adobe PS when it was first released. Developing myself as an artist through dedication and juice has brought me here. I am thankful to have joined a team of professionals with a similar eye for art and design.